T1 Speed Test and Dedicated Internet Rate Quotes

T1 Speed Test and Dedicated Internet Rate Quotes

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Below are links to the best T1 Speed Test web sites, you can check your
connection speed and confirm that you are getting the bandwidth you are
expecting. T1 lines are designated to have 1.5 MB of bandwidth up and
down, they are expected to be the most reliable of any copper connection
in this bandwidth range with an uptime of 99.999%. Below are links to
several sites where you can check your connection.
T1 Speed Test from Megapath
Verizon T1 Speed test
DSL Reports T1 Speed Test
AT&T T1 Speed Test

Below is an interesting ping test tool from DotCom Tools, it
is not a speed test like the ones above, but still very useful:
Free Ping Test Tool

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